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PT.  Rama  Emerald  Multi  Sukses was established  with  a  noble  goal for its public health services for global and national standard with high quality standard GMP.
PT. Rama Emerald Multi Sukses as a pharmaceutical company in Indonesia has to be the best and reliable manufacturer with high quality products

About PT. Rama Emerald Multi Sukses

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Contract Manufacturing

PT. Rama Emerald Multi Sukses Has received GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification for several production facilities, namely:

1. Non-Sterile Production Non Beta Lactam, provided: tablets, hard capsules, oral liquid preparations, oral powder preparations, and semi-solid preparations.

2. Non-Sterile Production of Beta Lactam, provided: hard capsules, tablet preparations, oral powder preparations.

3. Non-sterile production of Cephalosporine, provided: Regular and coated tablets, hard capsules, oral powder preparations.

4. Production of cephalosporin antibiotic injection sterile powders and their derivatives (including Penem and their derivatives).

PT. Rama Emerald Multi Sukses is also equipped with high quality machinery and has a large capacity, modern laboratory equipment and adequate warehouse.
We are ready to assist good relations with other pharmaceutical industries in the form of Manufacturing Contracts and large pharmaceutical traders throughout Indonesia and abroad.

Our Products



PT Rama Emerald Multi Sukses has received CPOB certification from BPOM as the official authority in Indonesia. Some production facilities that have GMP certificate are: Non-Sterile Beta Lactam, Non-Sterile Non Beta Lactam, Non-Sterile Cephalosporine, Sterile Cephalosporine Antibiotic Injection Powder and its derivatives (including Penem and its derivatives).

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Jl. Raya Tenaru, Dusun Wates, Cangkir, Kec. Driyorejo, Kabupaten Gresik, Jawa Timur 61177