Starting from a Drug Store to a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, in  1968, Mr. Louis J. Hartono S.  Kawilarang and the  late Mr. Harsono S. Kawilarang establish their first Drug Store named "Apotik Umum" located at Jagalan Street no. 122-A Surabaya.

In 1969 the second Drug Store was established under the name of "Apotik Kalianyar" located on Kalianyar Street no.6 Surabaya.
In 1970, the third Drug Store named "Apotik Dewi"  had grown  more and more become seven pharmacies drug store.
In 1981, the  needs of drugs was very huge and  the  market growth  was very  fast. To serve  more  to  health community,  government,  and  the market we constructed Pharmaceutical  Factory named "PT. Rama Pharmaceutical Industry" located in Tenaru, Driyorejo, Gresik about 20 km from    Surabaya,  the  capital of  East Java. The second  biggest  city  in Indonesia.
In  1990, Indonesian  Ministry of Health   granted a GMP  certification from the PT. Rama Pharmaceutical Industry

Since then,  Good Manufacturing Practices Standard has been fully  and consistently implemented in the manufacturing facilities.

In  1995, the business improvement was kept going and brought PT. Rama Pharmaceutical Industry to an ISO certification.

Business expanded  rapidly and diversified in 1995 we started to produce variety products of Consumer products, Health  Food and  Beverages, Medicated Cosmetic, Traditional and Modern  Herbal Products,  besides pharmaceutical.

In 2008, we changed the company name to: "PT. RAMA EMERALD MULTI SUKSES"