PT.  Rama  Emerald  Multi  Sukses was established  with  a  noble  goal for its public health services for global and national standard with high quality standard GMP.
PT. Rama Emerald Multi Sukses as a pharmaceutical company in Indonesia has to be the best and reliable manufacturer with high quality products
PT. Rama Emerald Multi Sukses ( the "Company" or "Rama") was established in 1980 one of the largest production capacity in East Java. Engaged in the Research & Development ("R&D") and produce pharmaceutical products including generic and its own brand under ethical and over the counter ("OTC") classifications.also provides toll manufacturing services for third party firms which include some of the nation's largest pharmaceutical firms and State Owned Enterprises ("SOE").

The Company produces over hundred different products in various dosages and forms including syrups, tablet, capsules, and creams. the distribution network reaches every corner of the archipelago with a concentration in Java.

The Company operates with Good Manufacturing Practices ("GMP") standart and its manufacturing facility area about 40.000 Sqm located on Surabaya, Indonesia. And currently have around 500 employees.

About PT. Rama Emerald Multi Sukses

Starts in 1968 from a drugstore namely “Apotik Umum” created by Mr. Louis J. Hartono S. Kawilarang and Mr. Harsono S. Kawilarang located in Surabaya. The business was running well, in 19 81 they built a Pharmaceutical Factory named "PT. Rama Pharmaceutical Industry" located at Tenaru - Driyorejo, Gresik, about 20km away from the capital city of East Java to be able to serve the government, the health community and the market.

As time goes by in 1990, PT. Rama Pharmaceutical Industry granted GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certification from Indonesian Ministry of Health. From that moment GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standard has been fully implemented in our manufacturing proccess and facilities and PT Rama Pharmaceutical Industry obtained to ISO Certification in 1995. The business growth rapidly and diversified. We started to produce some of variety products, such as : Consumer Product, Healthy Food and Beverages, Medicated Cosmetic, Traditional and Modern Herbal Product.

Finally, in 2008 company name changed into “PT RAMA EMERALD MULTI SUKSES” and growing better currently.